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You may be struggling with dating or in your relationship. You might be feeling sick of the same disagreements with your partner or spouse, frustrated with the dating process, or overwhelmed after a breakup or divorce.

I help people heal past relational wounds to show up more authentically and find more fulfillment in their relationships.

Hi, my name is Danielle Carney, and I’m a therapist who specializes in relationship therapy and dating therapy for individuals.

I provide online counseling in Florida, Delaware, and South Carolina. 

Maybe you’re tired of going on first or second dates that don’t seem to go anywhere. Maybe you’re struggling with your situation-ship and feeling confused about what you want. You might be feeling frustrated with having the same, repetitive fights with your spouse or partner. Or you could be walking through a recent breakup or divorce and feeling lost about how to find yourself again.


You might struggle to be honest with your partner, know how much to say or not say on a first date, or want to find peace within yourself after a relationship ends. 


You’re tired of feeling like all of your friends are in happy relationships. It feels like it’s difficult to find or keep the type of connection you really want. Whether you’re single and dating, stuck on your ex, processing a breakup, or navigating a new relationship, you feel like there’s got to be more to this whole “love” thing than what you’ve experienced so far. 


If you’re ready to start doing things differently in your relationships, I’d love to meet you.

Get to know yourself better.

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My approach to relationship therapy + dating therapy for individuals:

As human beings, we are wired for connection. When the connections in our lives feel misaligned or tense, it is only natural to feel stressed and overwhelmed. And let’s be real, relationships and dating can be hard. It’s difficult to navigate both your own emotional reactions and someone else’s simultaneously. There’s a million opportunities for miscommunications, crossed signals, and projecting our own stuff outward. 


Sometimes this shows up in insecurities surfacing after seeing something an ex commented on Instagram, and others it could be feeling enraged when your spouse doesn’t take out the trash. It could be countless hours spent deliberating with your friends what the person you’re interested in meant by their last vaguely-worded text. These moments of disconnection and confusion in our relationships can happen in all of the moments we might consciously notice shouldn’t be a big deal, and yet they are.


Oftentimes our beliefs about love, relationships, and self are formed in early childhood and adolescence and reinforced throughout our lives. Even if you are the most self-aware, insightful person, it’s hard to notice these patterns playing out on your own.


Therapy can help. Together we’ll explore the state of your current relationships, evaluate your role in what’s happening, and figure out what shifts could be helpful to communicate more openly and honestly, assert your needs, and set healthy boundaries.

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

Carl Jung

Relationship Therapy + Dating Therapy FAQs

Absolutely. All of our relationships operate as a system, so when we take one part of that system (i.e. you!), and start making shifts to how that part of the system functions, the whole system changes as a result. Through understanding yourself further, building more confidence in yourself, setting different boundaries, and using your voice more, things can definitely change for the better.

That would probably be beneficial, too! With that being said, individual therapy can be such a helpful support for people struggling in their relationships, and it’s often an opportunity to explore if there might be any contributions to the conflict on your side. We all fall into certain patterns in relationships, and sometimes we can do things so subconsciously that it’s tough to notice as it’s happening. It could be you’re letting too many things go, not being clear about your expectations, or tolerating behaviors that you’re not actually willing to. Together we’ll take a look at the dynamics, seek a deeper understanding of what’s showing up, and figure out what needs to change to have more honest, communicative, fulfilling relationships.

You deserve to be supported as you make sense of who you are in your relationships,
gain confidence, and learn to ask for what you need.

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